Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wedding Veil Comb

wedding veil comb

wedding veil comb
wedding veil comb

There are numerous types of bridal veils to select from for your very special wedding day. However, there are a few things that you must decide before picking out the type of veil you will wear.

wedding veil comb

1) You need to pick out your wedding gown - this will determine if you are having a formal or casual wedding and you will be able to match your veil with your gown..

2) Choose your hairstyle. Talk to your hair stylist about your different options depending on your hair length and type of hair.

Now, let's consider the different types of veils. Veils can vary in price from as little as $20 (if you make it yourself) or ascend in cost into the thousands of dollars for veils with pearls or real precious stones. Let's go with the premise that you don't want to spend thousands of dollars for your veil. We'll look at a few cost-effective types of wedding head dresses and veils.


A comb can be plain, but stately. A comb is great if you want people to look at your wedding gown more that your headwear. If you have short hair, a comb is the perfect choice. If you choose a comb, take your comb to your hair stylist so she can try out different styles to compliment the comb.


A crown is perfect for the bride that is going for the traditional look. Crowns frequently have beads, precious stones or flower designs on them. A crown is perfect for the bride who wants to wear an updo hairstyle.

wedding veil comb


A halo is a circular headpiece and may be used alone or with a veil. Just like the crown, it can have a combination of beads, precious stones or flower designs. Halos are a fine choice if you plan to wear your hear in an up do or if you have short hair.


Have you ever wanted to be a princess? Than choosing a tiara for your wedding can make you feel like a princess! A tiara is perfect for just about any hairstyle or wedding dress.

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