Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lisa and Geoff's DIY 50s Style Wedding

DIY 50s style wedding

Lisa and Geoff wanted their wedding, in Lisa's own words "not to be very wedding-y and just to be a really fun party!" They used a summer carnival theme as their inspiration and made pretty much everything themselves (Lisa is a designer and photographer so has the creative eye), including Lisa's fab 50s style wedding dress! You can see more details on the items the couple made including the dress, veil and invitations on Lisa's blog.

DIY 50s style wedding

The reception sounds like it was so much fun, the guests could play retro games such as Operation and Hungry Hippos at their tables while enjoying treats from the candy floss and snowcone machines! The couple then carried on the carnival theme the next day with a photo shoot at the California State Fair (see photo below).

DIY 50s style wedding

Thank you to Sarah Maren Photography for the fab photographs. You can see more photos of this wedding at Sarah's blog and at Lisa's blog: pre ceremony, the ceremony and the details.

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